Google Cloud Datalab (Beta)

Please use the new version of Datalab beta. This version is now obsolete.

Explore, transform, analyze, and visualize your data using Google Cloud Platform.

Connected and Integrated

Cloud Datalab makes it easy to securely access all your data and public datasets, and use the power of Google BigQuery with SQL and Python to explore, visualize, analyze, and transform data.

Interactive and Familiar

Cloud Datalab enables working with code and data in an interactive notebook environment. Use notebooks to share and publish insights, or go further to develop, test, and deploy your data processing pipelines.

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Cloud Datalab is deployed as a Google App Engine application module in the selected project. The Google Compute Engine and Google BigQuery APIs must be enabled for the project, and you must be authorized to use the project as an owner or editor.

Additionally, the default Git repository for the project must have been created. If it has not, then you can create it by going to this site.

When you first deploy Cloud Datalab, the following additions are made to the selected project:

  • An App Engine "datalab" module is added. It can be managed from the App Engine section in the Google Cloud Platform Console. App Engine charges will accrue.

  • A "datalab" Compute Engine network is added.

  • A "datalab" branch is added to the Git repository associated with the project. This repository contains pre-installed samples and docs, and will contain any notebooks that you create. This repository is browsable from the Development section in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Cloud Datalab is being installed into the '' project. Note that it can take 10 minutes or more to provision and start the Google App Engine datalab module.

Thanks for waiting.

You can check this log for the progress of your Cloud Datalab deployment. Note that the log may not be immediately available.

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Cloud Datalab was successfully deployed. Details can be found in this log.